Saturday, 28 June 2014

Does Micromaxx Really worth!

So this topic is actually a discussion on Micromax smartphone. This company started its progress from its canvas series and canvas 2 was the device which made it possible. The reason behind launching so many phone at different sub points is to cover the price point at every level and you can actually see the conflict by the quality of smartphone. If you ever used a Micromax device for a year then for sure you why i am writing this. So why does this company makes phone at such a bad
manner? Does this wanna make its name or waana sell all the chinese stuff to use? I purchased two phone form this company to review them and on the first one which was canvas 2 got a issue of camera then battery then display and then the mother board was replaced. And the other smartphone was non other than canvas 4 which is one of the best smartphone from the company but still they actually burred me uup with response i got at the service center. My phone was in the service center for about 1 month can you imagine? So this company is actually a chines based company which uses cheap material to make the phone affordable and which effects its quality and then definatly within 3-4 months of usage you have to suffer so what are your views friends? And was your experince good with the device@itstechforyou


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