Sunday, 29 June 2014


Hello Friends so today all the websites are talking about how to speed up your phone. So i will even start with it not because of them but i have a demand from my site viewer. Lets start:
In today time everybody is looking for a smartphone which is a cheap and good product and due to this cheapness the quality of product over time decreases which makes it a bit lagging. So there are ways to make it as new as a new one! So here are some steps lets try them out:

1.Changing the app Launcher

so over time what happens is that the smoothness of our app launcher just gets finished which need to be replenished by other app launcher. Generally this makes the phone much faster than before as it removes any other unnecessary feature which is not required by the phone. Some great launchers are Nova launcher and if you need a Samsung like interface then go for CLauncher. They work great 

2. Removing not required stuff

The other thing we generally do is install too many apps as to make our phone a latest tech for playing but actually the amount of things we increase the quality of processing decrease. So i will say just remove the apps which you do not use s they make your phone too heavy and which even leads to increase time in bootup and in each and every process

3. Closing the apps in the background

Generally we all do this things. First we open too many apps and then without closing them we open more which makes the smartphone condition to worst. Still we can sought out this. To close the apps in the background just go to Settings apps and then running and close the stuff not required and the short way is just close the multitasking apps.

4. Cleaning cache

Sometimes our phone takes too much of space for waste materials like cache. I don't say they are waste but they are waste for our phone as to make them slower too much a level. So to clear it up go to settings and then storage. Second last option would be cache and the total amount would be specified. So just click it and it will show you the option to remove it and apply it. 

5. Update to latest firmware

Always check that weather there is a update available for there smartphone and that could even be stability improvement which actually makes the processor refreshed once again

6. Rooting the smartphone

First of all this voids your warranty and can even brick your phone so ask me before doing this. This actually makes the processor to its maximum speed which actually allows you to even install apps on the SD card making the phone full of storage and you would not be worrying or dying for storage

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